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Your Role in Helping Us Protect Our Heritage

Protecting the Baram Peace Park isn't just important for its Indigenous residents. It's important for all of us. The loss of tropical rainforests has played a major role in speeding and intensifying global climate change. Endemic species like the Pygmy Elephant and the Bornean Orang-utan are no longer found in the wild in Sarawak, after being driven out of their natural homelands. Further, Indigenous communities have been proven time and again to be the World’s Best Forest Guardians. Protecting their heritage is key to safeguarding the forest and our global climate. Check out how you can support our partners here:


Save Borneo’s Largest Unprotected Rainforest


Learn more about Indigenous Rights and how to protect the rainforest

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Share with friends, family, or colleagues

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Get in touch to collaborate with us on our campaigns and projects


Support our grassroots projects with a one-time or regular donation


Stay up-to-date on the latest news from the Baram Peace Park

By actively participating in our efforts to protect the Baram Peace Park, you become an integral part of our collective mission. Whether you’re willing to commit just 30 seconds to signing a petition, a few dollars to support a reforestation project, or a few social media clicks to help shed more light on our cause, your help means everything. 

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