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Biodiversity Conservation

The rainforest of Borneo is home to countless animal and plant species, some of which are unique to this island. From the hornbill, depicted on Sarawak's coat of arms, to the Rafflesia flower and the orangutan: the world's third-largest island is home to a fascinating variety of species. The conservation and regeneration of the rainforests play a central role in the fight against climate change. Intact tropical forests not only regulate the climate and water balance, but they also protect the soil from erosion. They provide medicinal plants, food, and many other raw materials, thus providing the basis of life for its Indigenous communities.

Together with our partners, local communities, and local and international universities, we have supported multiple studies on biodiversity, particularly on ethnobotany and agricultural landscapes. Central to each of our projects is a focus on ensuring the continued protection of key species and establishing safeguards to monitor the state of biodiversity on-the-ground.

A woman holds out her hand to a hornbill perched on a wooden railing
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