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The Baram Heritage Survey

The Baram Heritage Survey was a campaign conducted with the support of Baram Heritage Coalition partner The Borneo Project. Led by a team of local surveyors and field technicians, the Survey aimed to produce a collection of social, ecological, and economic data from the Upper Baram. The Survey recorded more than 5,000 data points across three sites in 2020 and 2021.  

Field Technicians learn the bearing compass measurement method

Survey technicians conducted nearly 300 hunting surveys and more than 150 fishing surveys, in addition to 111 social interviews. Key subsistence resources from wild boar and river fish to wild fruits and vegetables were recorded to produce a complete picture of the livelihood needs of local communities.

The survey identified the presence of 39 rare, threatened, or endangered species -- with 5,368 individual animals that belong to these categories. It proved beyond a doubt that the Upper Baram is a key biodiversity hotspot, and if left unprotected, could risk the existence of some of our most critically endangered rainforest animals. 

A woman holds out her hand to a hornbill perched on a wooden railing

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