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The Baram Peace Park Declaration

From February 23rd to 26th 2023, 118 representatives from 26 villages in the Upper Baram gathered in the village of Long Lamam to discuss their vision for collective community action and conservation. The Declaration drafted by the representatives at the end of the session outlined the rights and responsibilities of Upper Baram residents, as well as their hopes for a sustainable future. 


The Declaration enshrines rights to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), self-determination and self-governance, native customary land protections, basic amenities and infrastructure, ecological conservation, cultural preservation, and sustainable income. It pledges a spirit of unity and collaboration among all involved stakeholders to achieve these shared goals.

Although the project was referred to by its administrative name as an ongoing project with the Sarawak Forest Department and the International Tropical Timber Organization as the "Upper Baram Forest Area (UBFA)", since 2014, the project has been known among partners and communities as the Baram Peace Park.

Read the full text of the Declaration below:

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