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Protect the forest, protect our future.

The Baram Peace Park encompasses an area of more than 2,800 square kilometers of rainforest and community land in the Upper Baram region of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Home to the Indigenous Penan, Kenyah, Kelabit, and Saban communities, the native customary lands that make up the Baram Peace Park represent the last remaining unprotected primary rainforest in Sarawak. ​ 


After decades of logging for timber export, more than 90% of Sarawak's rainforests -- the oldest in the world -- have disappeared forever. The purpose of the Baram Peace Park is to ensure long-term protection of the forest that remains, as well as the Indigenous cultures, livelihoods, and collective rights of its residents. The three core principles of the Baram Peace Park are Indigenous rights to self-determination, sustainable agriculture and development, and the preservation of cultures and the environment.

A Kenyah man in a traditional headdress smiles at the camera

Through advocacy, education, and partnerships, we aim to raise awareness about the irreplaceable value of the Baram Peace Park and the pressing need for its protection. We firmly believe that by safeguarding this forest, we not only fulfill our environmental responsibilities but also honor the cultural and spiritual connections of our Indigenous communities who call it home.

Protection of the rainforest and Indigenous rights are not mutually exclusive. Together, we can forge a future where the Baram Peace Park remains a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and humanity, ensuring its preservation for generations to come. Learn more about how you can support the communities of the Baram Peace Park here.

The Baram region with Batu Siman mountains
A drawn map showing settlements in Upper Baram area
Zoomed out map showing detail of upper baram area in sarawak malaysian borneo


Legend for the drawn map showing eastern penan, kelabit, kenyah, and saban settlements

The Baram Peace Park

The project encompasses the native customary lands of 32 villages belonging to the Penan, Kenyah, Kelabit, and Saban Indigenous communities. The Baram Peace Park borders Sarawak's Pulong Tau National Park and Indonesia's Kayan Mentarang National Park in Kalimantan. In addition to protecting community-use areas, the Baram Peace Park represents a crucial wildlife corridor between the parks, allowing more space for Borneo's immense and spectacular biodiversity to thrive.

The Story of Our Logo

Our logo depicts Batu Siman, one of the most precious and
recognizable landmarks in the Baram Peace Park
. Each community carries its own story about the origins of this sacred mountain. We chose it to represent our shared respect for and commitment to protecting our forest
and our heritage.

Baram peace park logo with our land our life slogan
Batu Siman mountain formation shown from a distance
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